Code Orange – Underneath

Code Orange epitomize hardcore punk in the most subliminal way. They’re artists at one with their talents, and they know they’re competent at bridging the gap between being only decent to being brilliant. On Underneath, their freshly designed record the act doesn’t rest easy or let the brilliance fade; they eclipse every musical stroke they’ve created prior. It may sound audacious, but Underneath is a behemoth, a journey through incident and hardship. Through time, the record will earn its stripes as being a go to album for the disheartened who scorn the world but know that they’re unique in every way.

Underneath is an instrumental goliath. The growls are still apparent and infused in the fabric, but the trickery is unparalleled. Guitars break through the atmosphere, adding bite and volatility, enforcing speedy bursts of energy. This intensity barges and wants to be known. It wants to be a crucial part of Code Orange’s makeup, and it takes no prisoners. From the start to finish line, Underneath will split opinions. Does it work? Is it too raucous, is it too strange? Well, yes it is, and you know what, it’s what we need in this plain, orthodox world.

Growls wrap around the instrumentals tightly. It isn’t a seamless sound or a clean one, but it’s pleasing. In Fear blots out the purity. The guitar presence cuts through the loud drumbeats and backbeats. Lyrically, people are sinking into the floor, hope has only one working leg and hearts smash on impact. “The Easy Way” starts with cleaner vocals and unapologetic, brazen guitar strokes. Under all the mass hysteria, there’s actually some sincerity sitting pretty. “Last Ones Left” is a growling affair full of hatred towards the world. Talent oozes here, even if it takes time to be acknowledged. “A Sliver” naturally blooms into an unconventional ballad of sorts. Vocally it is calmer and the growls seem like they’re demoted somewhat.

Code Orange aren’t everyone’s go to choice. Their music is unorthodox and eccentric, but in a way that will stick to your mind. Their story blooms on Underneath, their energy spikes, and the composition is incomparable.

Words: Mark McConville – Underneath is out now on Roadrunner Records
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