Columbus – Spring Forever


Columbus - Spring Forever (UNFD) 2016


Brisbane trio Columbus are finally releasing their debut album, Spring Forever. Nostalgic and strangely addictive, this might be one of the most interesting and fresh releases of this Summer. Everything sounds new, kicking and screaming the pains of growth, where life and getting older is challenging enough to make you fight for your own comfort and peace of mind. Spring Forever is not your average power punk, now and then we find the influence of late 90’s emo indie infused, guitar driven paean for young adults, full of hooks and insanely catchy soaked anthems. Moody, dreamy and painfully honest, this is an emotional effort that blends punk aggression with a real ear for melody. The sky is the limit for the Australian gang, but Spring Forever is aiming squarely at your heart, and they’re showing no mercy about it.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Title Fight, The Hotelier, Turnover
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