Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown


Corrosion of Conformity - No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast) 2018


With the long-awaited return to their ‘classic’ line-up, Corrosion of Conformity have returned to a familiar sound that does so much more than re-hash past glories.

Having Pepper Keenan beck at the fore has signalled a resurgence of their Southern roots, the bouncing “Wolf Named Crow”, capturing the band’s spirit with fire, fury and verve, while Mike Dean’s furious grooves dominate the likes of “Forgive Me,” a timeless cut that stomps through the album’s centre like a wildebeest on moonshine.

There’s as much soul on offer as there is venom, giving No Cross No Crown a satisfyingly well-rounded feel; as incredible as it may seem, if they can continue to muster this much passion and quality riffage then their best work may be yet to come. As it stands, though, this album sits right up there.

Words: Dave Bowes
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