Culture Abuse – Bay Dream


Culture Abuse - Bay Dream (Epitaph) 2018


Bay Dream, Culture Abuse first full-length release via Epitaph is a remarkably sophisticated record that viciously delights the minimalistic textures of its own trademark sound. Fully personal and strongly cohesive, Bay Dream is a well-crafted effort, with a more upbeat sound and full of that twitchy, verse-chorus-verse power punk grit. This is also an album that puts everything in perspective, from nostalgia feelings to life lessons, “Be kind to the bugs, be conscious of others, be careful with drugs, be kind to yourself even though it gets hard,” David Kelling songwriter and frontman sings out on “Bee Kind to the Bugs”, for sure on of the best anthems for this Summer, even if somehow it looks like a serious and practical advice.

Full of massive hooks, top notch lyrics, memorable songwriting and souding like a heavy fling between The Ramones and the Beach Boys, Bay Dream is a raw, honest, gorgeous effort. It makes you enjoy life a bit more, but also shows you the ugly side of life – “But the bugs in your bed, the rats in the walls, and the bill collecting phone-calls, make it harder and harder, and the rent’s going up… Don’t waste your time”, sings Kelling on “Rats In The Wals”. Bay Dream is a departure to the band’s excellent 2016’s debut album, Peach, but it’s a charming and heartfelt sun-kissed record.

Words: Fausto Casais
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