Deathlist – You Won’t Be Here Long

I can only imagine that this is the kind of music that is playing 24/7 through David Lynch’s brain. A dreamy, eclectic, haunting soundscape of guitars, synths, electric drums and sumptuous female vocals that sound like sonic seduction.

Deathlist are a band who take your expectations and skew them in weird, wonderful, genre defying ways and then feed it back to you in new, elaborate and beautiful ways. From time signatures suddenly bending and contorting, to changing the focus on instruments and vocals on a whim, to constantly keep the listener on their back foot and continually defy the standard norms and expectations.

I was entranced, addicted and tapping my foot along for the entire running time, hoping upon hope that those vocals would return and wash over me like a ocean wave in the height of summer. Beautifully crafted, brilliantly produced, weighty and full of genuine thrills – this is a band 100% comfortable with their own skills and persona and commanding their craft into precision weapons aimed at the head and heart. Indispensably creative, and absolutely flawless.

Words: Andi Chamberlain // You Won’t Be Here Long is out now on XRAY Records.

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