Dowsing – Okay


Dowsing - Okay (Asian Man Records) 2016


It’s quite easy to fall in love by this album. It’s honest and pushes all the right buttons in my being. Okay is perhaps one of the best efforts from this kind of emo revival. But don’t call them emo, their sound is so damn random and vast that this kind of redundancy of genres is almost like an insult to their creativity. Honest and straightforward, Okay is noisy and ballzy, they seem pissed and full of nostalgia. Singer Erik Czaja pushes his voice to the limit and lyrical wise Okay is intense and straight to the point. Between the lack of optimism and frontal honesty, Dowsing are the real deal, they have the balls to pinpoint all the right issues and it’s something to praise about. They don’t give a single fuck about you or what you think. This was liberating!

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Kittyhawk, Prawn, Dikembe
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