Earthless – Black Heaven


Earthless - Black Heaven (Nuclear Blast) 2018


For those who always appreciated Earthless’ knack for timeless riffage and jaw-dropping guitarwork but never quite had the patience for their extended jams, Black Heaven might just be their new favourite record.

Like ZZ Top cruising in an El Camino with Hendrix hitching a lift across the Mojave, it’s an expert blend of old-school cool and desert blues introspection, tethered by Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eglington’s unparalleled rhythm work. Isaiah Mitchell uses the more streamlined format to express himself in more efficient yet equally dazzling displays but with his throaty wail now taking up a more permanent presence, Black Heaven feels more like a stab at creating something genuinely “classic”.

With “End To End” hitting that target dead-centre and “Black Heaven” showcasing the old chemistry with plenty of flair, there’s a feeling that this could be the start of a new and exciting stage for Earthless.

Words: Dave Bowes
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