Emma Ruth Rundle – Marked For Death


Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked For Death (Sargent House) 2016


WWhether it’s a song, a painting or a photograph, Emma Ruth Rundle always conveys into her art her deepest thoughts and feelings. Whether she’s inspired by her personal experiences or what goes around her, she has deliberately exposed what’s really important to her.

In 2014 Emma released her first solo album, the outstanding Some Heavy Ocean, an album that showcased Emma’s amazing songwriting, excellently diverse guitar work, and of course, her beautiful and outstanding voice. All those ingredients turned that album into something quite special. Not long afterwards, in 2015 her band Marriages released their debut album, Salome, which was a new and neat approach, delivering a terrific album as well. But it’s now with Marked For Death that Emma goes into something much more raw and brutally honest.

On her second solo album, Emma is expressing everything in the deepest way possible and she clearly wanted to deal with everything that has happened to her through the music. With ongoing health and personal issues, this album is a culmination of all of her experiences. Each song has its meaning and its feeling, all autobiographical. Even the album’s artwork is a self-portrait of hers, reflecting how much this is raw and straight to the point.

With a season of change, Marked For Death is the perfect record to listen to through a gloomy autumn day. Nature is changing with the weather as Emma is evolving with her experiences and her ability to create something beautiful from painful events.

Words by Andreia Alves
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