Everything You Need To Know About Our Brand New Issue 20 (OUT NOW)

Hey y’all! The summer is over (unfortunately for us) and we’re back with a brand new issue (Issue 20) to start off well this new season.

This time around we have Touché Amoré in our cover story and it’s with great privilege that we share with you our brutally candid interview with the band’s vocalist/songwriter, Jeremy Bolm. The California-based post-hardcore/screamo outfit delivers another majestic artistic statement with their new album, Stage Four, an album that comes along with a peerless in-depth approach. Bolm talked to us about it and all the misfortunes that made the album what it is.

Besides that, we got a bunch more inspiring interviews, a wide range of album reviews, live shows we’ve been to lately and our take on some quite enthralling films.

We caught up with Frank Iero about his band (called now Frank Iero and The Patience) and his remarkable brand new album, Parachutes; Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday told us all about the band’s new ambitious album, Tidal Wave; Norwegian artist and songwriter Jenny Hval talked to us about her new album Blood Bitch and a myriad of subjects associated with its existence and creation; we had a truly frank and inspiring talk with Emma Ruth Rundle about her second solo album, entitled Marked For Death; we spoke to vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till of Neurosis about the spiritual blaze that burns within this most singular entity; we nabbed the time of the never-busier Kyle Dixon from S U R V I V E to discuss the finer points of synth mastery and just how he’s handling being involved in the biggest show in the world right now; we talked with Steve Lamos of Illinois’ emo rock pioneers American Football about how’s been like to be back; we caught up with Caro and Gilles of Oathbreaker to know more about their most ambitious, in-depth effort to date; Aaron Beam discussed with us the huge leap forward for the Portland quartet Red Fang with their new album Only Ghosts; we talked with David Gunn about King 810‘s new album, la petite mort or a conversation with god, and a myriad of subjects that surround the band itself.

We had also the opportunity to catch up with awesome acts such as Wovenhand, Boston Manor, Whores., Young Guns, Sunflower Bean, God Damn, Mumrunner, Norma Jean, The Whigs, Twelve Foot Ninja, and Burn After Me.

Enjoy our brand new issue, we’ll be back right before the year ends!!!

You can read our brand new issue below…

Photo Credit: Christian Cordon
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