Father John Misty – Pure Comedy


Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (Bella Union / Sub Pop) 2017


In the past, Father John Misty has been compared to the late Jim Morrison. The pair have created intelligent, humorous and relevant characters who are as captivating as their music. Pure Comedy is the record that will solidify Josh Tillman in the annals of music alongside Tom Waits, James Taylor and Carole King as a master of the written and spoken/sung word. As an entire package, the new era of Father John Misty is necessary; in an age of chaos and lies, his latest thirteen tracks are sincere, sarcastic stories of the modern state of humanity.

Just wait until the part where they start to believe they’re at the center of everything and some all powerful being endowed this horror show with meaning…” Covering topics ranging from love and politics to religion and Taylor Swift, the lyrics of Pure Comedy are standalone poetry to be revered and read with an analytical eye. The instrumental background of strings and keys on which he paints his words are simple and lighthearted compared to the complex, meaningful lines he sings. The smoothest, most serene moments are those which are the most sardonic upon second listen. Father John Misty’s intentionally pretentious and strangely humorous Internet presence coupled with his latest creation are proof of his genius – there is purpose to every social media post, piece of merchandise and convoluted combination of words.

Pure Comedy is the epitome of wit, truth and incandescent beauty. It is the finest work Father John Misty has offered thus far and it is a work of importance and of the present.

Words: Teddie Taylor
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