Field Mouse – Episodic


Field Mouse - Episodic (Topshelf Records) 2016


A lot has happened since Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral first started Field Mouse. The duo has grown with their music and with their band members – Rachel’s sister Zoë Browne has recently joined the team. From working as a super duo to share now band duties with the rest of the gang, Rachel and Andrew have always had a special chemistry when it comes to write music.

Episodic is the first record that the full-band has composed together from start-to-finish and the differences are remarkable, from the most cohesive sound to sharper lyrics. This new album is definitely much more cathartic and aggressive than its precedent, 2014’s album Hold Still Life. But the tender and dreamy tunes are still part of their menu.

Browne’s approach has always been quite autobiographical, and she’s still striving for more while dealing with her own life struggles, such as relationships that simply perish or family issues that strike by surprise. Recorded in Philadelphia with Hop Along’s Joe Reinhart, Episodic is the band’s most complete and compelling effort ever and heavily honest.

Words by Andreia Alves
For Fans Of: Wildhoney, Speedy Ortiz, Hop Along
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