Film Review: Anomalisa

DIRECTOR: Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman STARRING: David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan  USA 2015


Charlie Kaufman, the mind behind Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is back and along with Duke Johnson (Moral Orel, Frankenhole), they bring Anomalisa. It’s probably one the best animated films released last year, which led to an Oscar nomination. The film follows a lonely self-help author Michael Stone (David Thewlis) who perceives everyone as identical (Tom Noonan) until he meets a special woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Anomalisa has this intriguing and kind of fucked-up approach, with awkward and bizarre moments. It takes a little while to see beyond of what this introspective film is about, in fact, is not an easy film to digest, but is brilliant.

Words by Andreia Alves
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