Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams


Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams (Merge Records) 2018


This utterly bonkers release from the miscreant punk rockers from Canada defies almost all attempts at pigeonholing it into any one place or genre. At times it sounds like Black Flag discovered ska, at other times it’s like Bowie fronting the Vaselines, the next minute it is a dozen styles and genres smashing together in a cacophony of adrenalized punk mayhem. And it is always great.

What I can tell you is this – this concept album continues the bands epic story of David and Joyce that they have been building from previous releases, and never once lets its eyes slip from the prize it is hurtling towards like an exocet missile. A concept album that has everything firing on full power, never once letting the throttle slip.

Thrillingly barmy, utterly compelling and indispensibly unique. This is a release that will be topping the top tens come the end of the year, and deservedly so. It’s a work of art and it will demand repeat listens for a long, long time.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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