Gary, Indiana release new single & video “Nike of Samothrace”

Manchester’s trio Gary, Indiana have signed to Fire Talk Records and have released their new single & video “Nike of Samothrace“, which was directed by Will Shields.

Speaking about the single, the band said: “We wanted ‘Nike of Samothrace’ to be like a blunt instrument, both lyrically and musically. It’s purely brute force, gouging away with all dials turned up full, including the gutteral bass line, which was inspired by Thomas Bangalter’s score for Irreversible and Hans Zimmer’s score for Blade Runner 2049. We’re very much driven by rhythm and movement and also wanted to experiment with a Liquid Liquid style percussive breakdown, we love when genres and dynamics are smashed together in an untidy way… we love to butcher things.

Listen to and watch “Nike of Samothrace” below:

Photo credit: Will Shields
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