Ghost Bath – Starmourner


Ghost Bath - Starmourner (Nuclear Blast) 2017


Ghost Bath’s Starmourner won’t leave you any space to breathe, but why would you want to escape a world filled with melodies and vocals that alternate between desolation and cacophonous beauty? Melodies are cajoling the listener to invest into them and follow their stories. Ghost Bath’s next instalment is not an easy listen as it resembles the Sirens’ temptation. It will lure and ensnare you with its enchanting melodies and hypnotising rhythms offering a promise of delight with a false assurance that you will be able to leave it behind when you please. But once you have let down your defences, it will strike at precisely your most vulnerable points. Dangerous as this may sound, just stay and learn with it.

Words: Anastasia Psarra
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