Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers (Constellation) 2017


Glimmering with hope and the promise of triumph, all horn trills and ascending arpeggios that drag the listener heavenwards until the synapses are filled with brilliant light, Godspeed’s attack on classist imperialism is a subtly psychedelic experience which makes its contrast with the album’s socio-political overtones, as well as its reflection on these dark days, into something more vital and potent than any leaden doomfest could hope to be. The weighty “Bosses Hang” provides a shining example of this, its initially morose undertones gradually uncoiling to reveal a fevered swirl of kraut beats and interjecting melodies, but it’s the frazzled Morricone twang of “Anthem For No State” that delivers the heftiest kick. GYBE has achieved something impressive here, drawing every ounce of beauty out of the mire, and the result is nothing short of invigorating.

Words: Dave Bowes
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