Guess what? We have a brand new office… that is also a record store!

Guess what? We have a brand-new office… that is also a record store.

Our new and ambitious project opens today in Porto’s most dynamic, trendy and creative art block, ‘Miguel Bombarda’ street.

We all know how the pandemic is affecting the music scene all over the world, with that in mind we decided to make a statement and build something bold, something different, something vital. In a way this is the best and only way to bring together our love for vinyl and record stores and humbly give something back to the music scene.

Given the current crisis, there’s always the possibility that further changes and challenges may come. As we see it the only way to fight these is by supporting your local scenes, local record shops and buying more physical music.

Well, we kept this a secret for quite some time, but we’ve been working hard to deliver this to you with the same passionate DIY ethic and specially curated picks that have been part of the MUSIC & RIOTS editorial vision and philosophy.

We are already working on a new dynamic website that will incorporate the same great music journalism you have come to expect from us, but also will be home to our online store (to be unveiled in early 2021.)

And there is also important information about our next issue, it will be out in late October and it – we are so happy to announce – it will be our debut physical edition, sold exclusively in our physical store (we will accept international orders too, we will provide more info about that soon) as well as in digital format available from the website.

Let’s do this, the store opens now! Buy local, support your local scene, your local record stores, make zines, buy records and destroy fascism. We’ll see you on the other side.

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