Gus Ring Shares New Video For “You Deserve So Much More”

Today, we’ve the pleasure to bring you the premiere of Gus Ring‘s new video for single, “You Deserve So Much More“, out now on Broken Toys / Cargo.

Gus Ring says about the video: “For me, the video is about finding the place in life where you feel fully at home with yourself. The point where everything else stops to exist, you can be free from your worries, your anxieties and truly lose yourself in the moment. We need to find this place in ourselves. Some of us may find it and sadly some won’t. Some won’t allow themselves to be who they truly are. Some can never feel like they have a place here. A lot of times it’s not their fault, the norms today are very good at telling you what is ok to do, to be, to think and what is not. The truth is that people are different, we find this place in completely different things and we all need it and deserve it just as much.”

Watch below the striking beautiful new video for “You Deserve So Much More”, directed by Esteban Amon and with a stunning performance from Liana Aska.

About the new single, Gus Ring says: “When I wrote “You Deserve So Much More” I was burnt out and I needed someone to tell me that I was worthy. It was a sparse singer-songwriter song, but as I played it live, inviting the audience to close their eyes and meditate with me during the song, it turned into a powerful dreamy soundscape. Every time I play it this way I feel the focus and the attention of the audience amplified. So I dedicate it to everyone out there who can feel with me. You deserve so much more than you know – so give it to yourself.

Photo credit: Esteban Amon
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