Hellions – Opera Oblivia


Hellions - Opera Oblivia (UNFD) 2016


Even though 2015’s Indian Summer hinted that something massive could be around the corner, it wouldn’t be fair or even honest to say that one was expecting something of the magnitude of Opera Oblivia. Hellions, the Sydney-based quintet, have delivered one of the biggest albums in recent memory. Making a wonderful use of operatic and theatrical elements, the Australians have learned from the cues given by the masters Queen and My Chemical Romance and applied them to create their own and distinctive identity, that is filled with a myriad of different and cutting-edge musical ideas that celebrate an absolutely astounding and even over-the-top anthemic feel. Opera Oblivia is extremely rich in details, a hopeful testimony of a group that is willing to be as socially conscious as well self-aware. A majestic celebration of life, even when everything seems irremediably bleak and lost.

Words by Tiago Moreira
For Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, Northlane, Anti-Flag
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