Hesitation Wounds – Awake for Everything


Hesitation Wounds - Awake for Everything (6131 Records) 2016


Unfortunately, Hesitation Wounds’ first full-length is a reflection of the time it came out in – meaning there’s an asshole called Donald Trump and an army of brainless morons supporting him. And that’s not all: just yesterday I was having the best of times watching bands like Savages, Drive Like Jehu and Mudhoney at Primavera Sound, having fun with my friends, when I learned about the shooting at Pulse club in Orlando. What a fucked up world we’re living in.

Awake for Everything is a desperate cry, a middle finger raised at the snobbish and conservative right-wing and its culture of fear and ignorance, a thanks but no thanks to the bullshit media and an entire nation with a ‘broken of moral compass’. Fronted by Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré and featuring members of acts such as The Hope Conspiracy and Trap Them, Hesitation Wounds bring back the ‘food for thought’ that lacks in a culture ‘designed for assholes by assholes’.

Where Touché Amoré deal with insecurity (which is perfectly fine), Hesitation Wounds are self-confident and incendiary, aggressive, yes, but insightful and aware.

Words by Ricardo Almeida
For Fans Of: Touché Amoré, Modern Life is War, Rise and Fall, Birds in Row
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