Hinako Omori shares new single “Snow”

Today London-based artist Hinako Omori has shared the final pre-release single from her forthcoming debut full-length album, a journey…, which comes out next Friday, March 18th through Houndstooth.

Speaking on new single “Snow“, Omori comments: “It’s the last song on the album – a love letter to anyone that might need it” and offers the song’s lyrics:

I tried to visualise
what it was like through
your eyes

But all I could see
closed in on me

the fragility

I wish I could let you know
that every passing moment
will fall like the snow

Not settling
disappearing without a trace
before you

Let me be your eyes
let me guide your light
through the darkness

Let me be your eyes
let me shine a light
on your darkness

I promise there’s a way

Listen to “Snow” below:

Photo credit: Annie Lai
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