Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression


Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression (Loma Vista) 2016


Iggy means rock n’roll and rock n’roll means Iggy. If you disagree… well, fuck you! When Lemmy died Scott Kelly from Neurosis wrote, “I had a few heroes. All the others turned out to be frauds or thieves. Lemmy was the only one who stayed true ’till death’”. In that line of thought, one likes to think Iggy, along with Tom Waits, are two of those who deserve full admiration and respect. Post Pop Depression is the old and experience mentor and the talented good hearted disciple proving us that one is just as old as he feels. The album sounds like the real collaboration that it is, with Josh Homme being definitely the most legit heir of Iggy’s throne. Musically speaking, expect to be surprised!

Words by Ricardo Almeida
For Fans Of: Iggy Pop, QOTSA, Josh Homme
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