jennylee – right on!


jennylee - right on! (Rough Trade) 2015


The bassist of the indie pop outfit Warpaint delivers one of the most relaxed albums of 2015, with her debut right on! – perhaps too relaxed for its own good. Track after track we’re offered with an experience that’s constructed (almost exclusively) in an aesthetic and a handful of moods, creating an informality in songwriting terms that goes as far as denying its own existence. Even though it’s hard to bash jennylee’s debut – the production values and some of the ideas are definitely valid – the truth is that it sounds more a collection of unfinished ideas (it would be farfetched to call them songs) more appropriated for the background. right on! is a poor draft of what could be a good album.

Words by Tiago Moreira
FOF FANS OF: Warpaint, 2:54, Cat Power
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