Jonny Dee Shares New Video For “The Man Who Fell From The Sky”

We’re pleased to bring the premiere of Jonny Dee‘s new video for “The Man Who Fell From The Sky“, track taken from his new album The Human Experience (out now).

Watch the video below and let yourself go into Jonny Dee’s weirdly addictive flow, this dude is not afraid to challenge preconceptions of both him and his music and deserves your full attention.

Jonny Dee said the following about his new video: “My intention for both the video & the song was to encapsulate the whole idea of the album, The Human Experience. In short, an alien comes to our planet, begins to understand/question the culture and lifestyles we’re accustomed to, then spreads new ideas of love & understanding for the self and of others, to everyone. I wanted the video to be fun, unique, and funky. & I think dancing around a forest of purple grass dressed as an alien was more than enough to accomplish that haha.” He continues, “I’ve always been an somewhat of an outkast. The guy everyone looks at. This song and video is all about being the best ‘You’ possible. No matter how weird or different it may seem to everyone else. ‘The key to everything you want and feel you need is in you.”

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