Khiis – Bezoar

Khiis - Bezoar (La Vida Es Un Mus)

If you’re looking for a proper punk label to follow and you are not familiar with La Vida Es Un Mus, you may start clearing your schedule now and go listen to bands like Kaleidoscope, Rat Cage and Rakta, for instance. Finding kindred spirits among labels such as Static Shock or Iron Lung, the London-based record label is not only keeping punk alive but actually making sure it remains interesting and fresh.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the “good production” on the new Khiis album. This think is as punk as it gets and if you crank it up I promise you’ll still get the rawness you need to get your i-only-listen-to-real-punk scene credibility. This is youthful and definitely very cohesive hardcore-punk, always at full power and with great hooks. Cool fact: Their previous ep, 2017’s Saboor, is entirely sung in Farsi.

Words: Ricardo Almeida
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