Like Pacific – Distant Like You Asked


Like Pacific - Distant Like You Asked (Pure Noise Records) 2016


Toronto has continuously proved its home to some of the worlds most talented bands and Like Pacific is no exception. The band’s latest release Distant Like You Asked is a workout from start to finish. Catchy vocal melodies and satisfying guitar riffs welcome you into the LP’s first track “Richmond”. The album keeps a constant balance of rough and smooth vocals as it progresses into its deeper tunes. With a daring, unique approach, the instrumentals on every track are tight and detailed. As every chorus stays trapped in your head, you’ll find yourself connecting with the lyrics more and more. This is not an album to sleep on, this is ten fast, hard hitting, catchy tracks. Distant Like You Asked is the album every local act dreams to write. Needless to say, it’s one for the books.

Words by Justin Kunz
For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Joyce Manor
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