Listen to CATBEAR’s New Single “Beast of the Night”

CATBEAR are a London-based two piece – Zoe (vocals, guitar, synths, production) and Sarah (vocals, drums). Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of their new single, “Beast of the Night“.

The duo says about the new single: “Beast Of The Night is the come down from the afterparty.. A reflection on the hedonistic party life. Musings on the the love/hate relationship of late city night-life.”

Listen to “Beast Of The Night” below, a danceable and vibrant electronic song showcasing Zoe and Sarah’s inspiring chemistry.

Aside from the music, Zoe and Sarah are keen to represent the LGBTQ+ community. Performing and releasing music, they hope to inspire fellow creatives outside of the canon to be confident and assured in themselves and their work. It’s a stance that’s not gone unnoticed, with Zoe’s latest single “The Sweetest Thing Is Love”, being supported on Spotify’s influential “Out Now” playlist.

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