Listen to Divide and Dissolve’s “Mental Gynmastics” reimagined by Moor Mother

Multi-dimensional duo Divide and Dissolve have collaborated with Moor Mother resulting in a vocal reimagining of their instrumental track “Mental Gymnastics” – originally appearing on Gas Lit (Invada, 29th Jan 2021). The music is visualised by beautiful extreme macro footage from the Qatari-American artist, writer and filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria whose latest installation is currently on show in Hyde Park, London.

About this reworking of their track, Divide and Dissolve comments: “Collaborating with Moor Mother is a dream. We believe Camae’s work is extraordinary and admire how time and space are dismantled/take on new meaning with the art. Our artwork weaves effortlessly together.” They continue: “We are very grateful. Moor Mother’s work represents a future where we are alive and well.

Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother) describes the collaboration as “Like minds coming together,” elaborating further, “I like them because they speak out about issues that are dear to me and they are a part of my sound community so it’s my duty.

Filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria speaks about Camae’s lyrics as inspiration for the visual concept for the “Mental Gymnastics (Moor Mother remix)” video: “I love this danger zone. It brought a lot of images for me. There’s something about the cadence and the rhythm of Moor Mother’s recitation that makes it feel like many little approaches. Like a mystery that is revealed. I had an encounter with this vase of lilies and a spider who lives with them. The light was right and the pollen was heavy and it was sort of malevolently erotic and it finally felt like it might be thing for the track. Imagine the lilies are sirens. their throats hungry and carnivorous chanting ‘welcome’ and the spider’s treading the line. It felt simultaneously ‘pretty’ but also has a strange creepiness which is how this moment on my pilgrimage route (and this remix) made me feel.

“In my dream I was cleaning my gun
Patiently waiting
Waiting to explode
So close to the danger zone
Welcome to the danger zone
Welcome welcome welcome
Close danger zone
Can’t fake the rhythm
Only deny it”

– Lyrics by Moor Mother

Listen to “Mental Gymnastics (Moor Mother remix)” and watch the video for it below:

“Mental Gymnastics (Moor Mother remix)” is part 2 of a three part collaborative remix project, the first being “Far From Ideal (Chelsea Wolfe remix)” and video by Amber Beaton which you can revisit below, and the third shall be revealed in October. Divide and Dissolve conclude by adding “collaboration for us means resonance. A means of achieving a deeper understanding.

Photo credit: Jaimie Wdziekonski @sub_lation
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