Listen To NIGHTS’ Dreamy New Single “Let Go”

Mel Denisse “aka” NIGHTS grew up in South Florida where her first EP Visions, co-written with Blackbear was released in 2008. Later that year she moved to Nashville to continue pursuing music and writing, however, any further music was not released until 2018.

After a 10-year break from music, NIGHTS debut single, “Gone” was released in June 2018. Followed by the second single, “Over and Over,” for which she joined forces with Producer/Engineer/Mixer Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Teenage Wrist) in the Summer of 2018.

Today, we’re more than pleased to bring you NIGHTS’ brand new single, “Let Go“, a dreamy and stand-out track that shines with a kaleidoscopic intensity. Simply wonderful! (listen below)

Mel comments the new singe: “‘Let Go’— in any state of trying to let go, our minds give us a million reasons why we shouldn’t or often blurs the lines of truth. Sometimes we have to let go without having the answers and take that risk instead. While writing, the only line of comfort i could seem to hold onto was “I’ll find the air somewhere… as a way of telling myself there’s a place to breathe again and it’s ok that i don’t understand right now.”

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