Live Review: This Gift Is A Curse + Implore

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE + IMPLORE // Starway Club, Cascais
Words and Pictures by Ricardo Almeida

So This Gif Is a Curse, uh? It is. It’s a curse to have more than two squirrels’ playing cards inside our head. One should feel happy after a long day at a shitty nine to six office job when he gets home for some dinner and reality shows, right?

Since some of us seem not to fit the yuppie formula, we may find our selves on a Thursday evening driving to a show on the other side of the city where a band plays for twenty or less hooded losers. Cause, you know, all of a sudden you’re 26, you feel like 50, you’re bald, sick and most of the times just feel alone and mentally exhausted. After a long year of insomnia, you feel like you can fall asleep whenever you want. You have the shittiest job on earth and make the best you can to avoid any contact with you’re co-workers. You spend your lunchtime walking in circles with headphones on, wondering what the fuck you’ll do with your life, whishing you could just go to that cabin in the middle of god knows where and read shitty books about detectives and blowjobs and walk around with your dog the whole day. So, yeah, you kind of need to attend to this show. You just need to purge away all the bullshit with sonic mayhem. After all that’s what music – call it art if you will – is for: to make you feel less alone; to make you realize you’re not the only fuck up in the world.

Thank the “swinelord” one was not born yesterday and knows that the level of attendance to a certain show is not necessarily proportional to the band’s quality. This said, I can only say the guys in This Gift is a Curse played with utter excellence for the few who bothered to show up. Along with Implore, they played as if the venue was full and it was the last show they’d ever play. Hats off to these guys! All Hail The Swinelord is one of the best extreme metal releases with a sludgy hardcore edge out in 2015 and the concert lived up to that.


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