Mike IX Williams of EyeHateGod / Corrections House / Arson Anthem Picks His Favourite Albums Of The Year


We invited artists, labels and publicists to tell us which records or artists they’ve personally enjoyed over the last twelve months. Mixe IX Williams‘s picks below. Eyehategod‘s self-titled album is out now via Century Media. Corrections House‘s new album, Know How To Carry A Whip, is out now via Neurot Recordings. Arson Anthem‘s album, Insecurity Notoriety, is out now via Housecore Records.

Some of these albums were not released in 2015 but what does it matter, they are all GOOD. To me at least. It’s really funny when people argue over music because it’s 100% subjective. Some of you may hate the following set of long players and that’s fine ‘cos I could care less what you listen to. It’s not my place to analyze your tastes in sound. One more thing; the order of the ten records below is by no means a final listing. I enjoy them all equally.


Pinkish Black – The Bottom of the Morning (Relapse Records)
Texas is always a fertile breeding ground for amazing music from Scratch Acid to the Butthole Surfers and more. Pinkish Black are not an exception. Completely original and subliminally brutal without falling on cliches, their new full length careens through darkened synth alleyways with boiling battering drums like a way more heavier Gary Numan on way more pain pills. One of my bands toured the South with them and they are much more bombastic, weepy, loud and sad sounding on stage, but get this new studio recording, it does the trick.


Poison Idea – Confuse and Conquer (Southern Lord)
Portland’s Poison Idea are still at it after a few break ups & numerous line up changes throughout the years and while by far not the best album they’ve ever done, Confuse and Conquer is just as great to me because singer Jerry A is still alive after all they’ve been through and I truly respect him as a frontman even as health troubles threaten to slow him down. Putting out a new LP in 2015 is a fiery and welcome achievement. The true Kings of Punk with the scars to prove it.


Anatomy of Habit – Ciphers and Axiom (Relapse Records)
I dunno if I can even explain this band. Creepy. Thoughtful. Crushing. Atmospheric. Beautiful. Ugly. Fascinating. Powerful. Cold… Get it now.


The Skull – For Those Which Are Asleep (Tee Pee Records)
The band Trouble was one of my favorite 80’s bands. Clearly influenced by Sabbath and the like, Trouble really had a pounded out heavier edge to them back in the day. Sadly the band broke up, but reformed some years ago and the latest incarnation of that group was without long time singer Eric Wagner, a key figure of their overall image and sound. Well, enter Eric W singing for The Skull along with a couple O.G. members of the Chicago outfit’s first line-up for this new album, albeit with a new name and a recharged outlook on psychedelic doom rock.


Author and Punisher – Melk En Honing (Housecore Records)
Innovative, modern and twisted; Tristan Shone AKA Author and Punisher is a unique individual and performer. Maybe I should say anti-performer but what the fuck do I know. By now everyone reading this should be aware of what Tristan’s one man “band” is all about and that this music cannot easily be pigeonholed. Great latest album recorded downstairs in the house I live in and released on Housecore Records.


Sheer Terror – Standing Up for Falling Down (Reaper Records)
The legendary NYHC band that went out of its way to piss off the NYHC scene. This album is their newest and Paul Bearer’s lyrics are some of the most wonderfully hateful he’s ever written, totally creative and nihilistic. Working man’s hardcore punk that does not fit in with any sub-section of the genre. Mr. Bearer is thankfully still fucking angry at the world and he’ll gladly tell you all about it… Just after he finishes his cigarettes and pot of black coffee.


Psycho – Chainsaw Priest (Selfmadegod Records)
Good ol’ Boston punk old schoolers. Their first full length in over 20 years featuring 17 tunes in under 30 minutes. Raw and messy with incredible energy, this is grinding hardcore that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lyrics are spastic and filthy; tongue planted firmly in cheek Psycho are stripped down and frantic. I love these guys. My band EyeHateGod also did a split 9″ vinyl record of both of us bands live in Italy this year as well.


Cemetery – Wind & Shadows (Mass Media Records)
Fantastic 2015 take on Christian Death and Sisters of Mercy with a more tattered definitive post punk style. I think the band likes to be referred to as death rock, which is full on what this is. Theres a whole new wave outpouring of this type of music lately with bands like Arctic Flowers, Anasazi and other pioneer groups like Blessure Grave and Bellicose Minds. Another tag line I’ve heard tossed around is “goth-punk movement”. I’m so waiting to see these guys live, but for now I’ll listen to this 9 track album on cassette in my Walkman while shopping for black fingernail polish and eyeliner. Jokes aside it’s super refreshing to hear Cemetery and their peers, this stuff is as timeless as a funeral service at midnight.


Killing Joke – Pylon (Spinefarm Records)
Jaz Coleman has been the doomsayer and apocalypse poet of the atomic generation for nearly 40 years. The enigmatic vocalist remains the only constant in this UK group since their first vinyl on the Malicious Damage label, with thankfully no signs of slowing down. This album, Pylon, their latest output in a super prolific career, leads us into the future hanging by a thread. Killing Joke have consistently released killer product and the last five years have proved that the super state conglomerate is at it’s highest conspiratorial peak.



Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed Ltd)
My absolute favorite record of the last 5 years possibly. Getting the Bad Seeds back together after the Grinderman stuff was the best decision Nick could’ve made as far as I’m concerned. ‘Jubilee Street’ is a near perfect song as well as the rest of the record. I’ve been a fan of Cave’s since the first Birthday Party stuff came out and his massive catalog has its slight ups and downs, but Push the Sky Away is a true return to form, in the live setting and the studio respectfully.

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