Milk Teeth – Vile Child


Milk Teeth - Vile Child (Hopeless Records) 2016


Hopeless Records fires back at the scene with new punk band Milk Teeth. The female fronted UK based group invites you into their world of fast tempos and punk riffs with their debut album Vile Child. What really separates this album from the pack is the strange vocal melodies that stand out as both off-putting and complimentary to the sound. The octave harmony presented on songs like “Swear Jar (again)” and “Moon Wanderer” push a slow ominous sound while tracks like “Cut You Up” and “Get A Clue” shove a forceful tone with yells, screams and faster tempos. These similar yet contrasting tones create a well needed barrier between tracks that successfully divides the record into two blended sounds. The album closes with a powerful track that makes you reflect on the journey you’ve gone down… Vile Child is not one to be easily forgotten.

Words by Justin Kunz
For Fans Of: Fugazi, Nirvana, Pity Sex
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