mofie shares new song & video, “Swing & a Miss”

mofie, aka Morgan Fields, has shared a new song and music video for “Swing & a Miss“, a hopeful, guitar forward track about becoming an adult. The video commentates on the standard idealization of joining the corporate world and the particular notion of needing to work up to the male perspective.

On the song, mofie states: “It’s about transitioning into adulthood and wanting to be taken seriously, but having no idea what you’re doing at the same time. It’s about celebrating the small victories.

Listen to “Swing & a Miss” and watch the video for it below:

When Colorado based-artist mofie started writing her debut EP, Black Hole, it was almost by accident, a collection of lyrics and thoughts formed during downtime in 2020. It wasn’t until she sat down in the studio with producer and friend Corey Coffman (Gleemer), that her songs started to take shape, resulting in the infectious blend of indie, pop, and shoegaze found across the five song EP. Originally released in Spring 2021, the EP caught the attention of Other People Records, who mofie joins their roster today alongside a vinyl release of Black Hole.

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