Mykki Blanco shares new single “Summer Fling” ft. Kari Faux

Mykki Blanco has shared a new single, “Summer Fling” featuring Kari Faux, which is taken from Mykki’s highly awaited mini-album, Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep, out on June 18th via Transgressive Records. The song was inspired by the millennium musical production of Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

Mykki reveals: “I wanted ‘Summer Fling’ to feel like a song I could have heard at my middle school dance, maybe it’s because those were the years in which I was coming of age. Y2K aesthetics still influence me heavily at some point in the creation of my songs. I always feel like the Y2K vibe haunts its way into the room and makes its presence felt on my records. “Summer Fling” is essentially about ghosting someone, it’s a playful song about the weird ups and downs of dating. I loved writing this song and it got even better when I recruited rapper and vocalist Kari Faux to be on the track. Kari’s delivery is slick and charged up, she takes no prisoners with her bars. She adds a layer of bravado and feminine mystique to the song. In addition to her verse that she wrote, she also contributed to the writing of the hook.

Listen to “Summer Fling” ft. Kari Faux below:

Photo credit: Luca Venter
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