Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth


Mystery Jets - Curve Of The Earth (Caroline International) 2016


On their fifth full-length album, London-based rockers Mystery Jets did shake things up recording in their own studio (an old button factory if you must know), self-producing, and, most importantly, try to take their biggest step forward yet. In the midst of their boldness (refusing stagnation and comfort to take a hold) they deliver their most epic and musically accomplished album yet. Although undeniable the influence of Britain masters Pink Floyd, Curve of the Earth stands tall by itself in its incursions through space rock with hints of folk and psychedelic sounds. Mystery Jets sort of revolutionized their sound and at the end of the day they revitalized their career, giving “epic rock” fans something to kvell over.

Words by Tiago Moreira
FOR FANS OF: Pink Floyd, His Name Is Alive, Spiritualized
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