Nicole Marxen shares new video for “Bones / Dust”

Dallas-based musician and visual artist Nicole Marxen has shared a new video for her single “Bones / Dust.” The song is lifted from Nicole Marxen’s debut solo EP, Tether, out now. The video for the single was directed by Richard Krause.

On the video Richard Krause says: “The first time I heard “Bones / Dust,” I knew I wanted to make a music video for it. Nicole’s vocals are haunting yet beautiful, like a siren’s call. As I listened, atmospheric black-and-white images flooded my mind. A world encased in fog. Giant monsters emerging from the earth, coming for humanity. Shadows and light painting the scenes. To ensure that I could bring my vision to life, I made a test video for the song in Unreal Engine 5. When I shared it with Nicole, she loved it.

While I had initially planned on creating only around 20 shots for the video, that number grew to 40. I wanted to do her song justice and fully develop the music video’s world and story. It was a long process, but I think the end result is really magical. When people watch the video, I hope they’re transported to where my mind went when I heard the song the first time.”

Nicole Marxen adds: “When Richard approached me with his idea for the video, test renders already in tow, I was floored. I’ve basically been responding to every progress email update he’s sent with superlative curse words in all caps for the past nine months. Personally, when I imagine leaving this mortal coil, I think this would be a pretty cool way to go.”

Watch the video for “Bones / Dust” below:

Photo credit: Daven Martinez
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