Night Verses – Into The Vanishing Light


Night Verses - Into The Vanishing Light (Equal Vision Records) 2016


There’s an intensity that bubbles in the music of New York band Night Versus, and the man behind the microphone seems livid with life and the world. The bursting musical arrangements are wonderfully composed too on their new record Into The Vanishing Light, shaking the earth. The vocals also elevate and gain volatility and smash through like a bleeding knuckle, dismantling any real chance of subtlety. And who cares about softness, Night Versus certainly don’t, they’ve worked on a sound that fiercely unlocks the monster within you to cater for your torrid thoughts. The songs that make this album brilliant and joyous, include “A Dialogue In Cataplexy” and “Blue Shades Of The Sun”. They’re both hungry for exposure, crafted with expansive and dirty guitar lines as well as lyrics that tell a bludgeoned tale.

Words by Mark McConville
For Fans Of: Deftones, Depeche Mode, letlive.
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