Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves


Nothing But Thieves - Nothing But Thieves (RCA) 2015


Southend’s Nothing But Thieves are a rock band. A rock band in the broadest  sense of the word, with little respect for boundaries. Kasabian, Muse, Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead are some of the countless influences displayed on their debut self-titled album. The quintet doesn’t hide how much they love to play around with their sound, bending its identity at each track until that core element is noticed and used as a link… It’s most likely the pop sensibility that they proudly exhibit throughout the entire album. Like most of their influences, NBT are very much concerned with their surroundings, making the lyrics not only an excuse for another beautiful sound, but something more relevant. It seems like the first step towards world domination.

Words by Tiago Moreira
FOR FANS OF: Kasabian, Muse, Jeff Buckley
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