OHHMS – The Fool


OHHMS - The Fool (Holy Roar Records) 2017


After two excellent EPs Bloom (October 2014) and Cold (June 2015), Ohhms’ debut full-length, The Fool, is another artful and immaculate installment. This album proves that doom metal can still be exciting nowadays despite the huge number of bands that are recycling the same old and boring formula. Ohhms bring other elements to the table: understated experimentation that doles out brutality, intensity and stately grace in equal measure. The Fool is a politically charged effort, atypically melodic but with that Neurosis-like atmospheric density and Mastodon’s thrilling sense of unpredictability. Strong and refreshing, Ohhms is a name to keep an eye on, perhaps the new foundations of doom might start here…

Words: Fausto Casais
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