Opinion: Underrated Gambling Movies That Are Pretty Good

The movie industry has been influenced by casino one a couple of times. This has resulted in film classics such as 21, Rounders, the Ocean’s franchise, and many more. Both industries are pretty successful and have been helping each other to achieve their success.

A fine example of this is the online casino industry’s array of video slots. Some of them are inspired by popular films which the movie industry produced first. These slot games as well as other classic casino games are available online at sites like casimba.com along with a selection of bonuses. They make the games more interesting and help players win prizes but only if they’re played right.

Because gambling is an interesting movie subject it’s natural to see several gambling movies. However, some of them have gone under the radar thanks to bad reviews. A bad review doesn’t mean a bad movie. So if you’re looking for good movies to watch, consider these:

The Good Thief

Nick Nolte is a name that’s well known in the movie. He becomes Bob in this film. Bob is a thief with a heroin addiction who has to pull off one last job so he can retire. Nick does a lot of heavy lifting in this film which is what makes the movie so good. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out whether Bob will succeed or not.

Poolhall Junkies

When it comes to underrated movies, Poolhall Junkies is definitely one of them. The movie follows the story of Johnny, a pool hustler. He’s a talented pool player from a young age that Joe takes under his wing. While they’re on their hustling ways, Johnny gets invited to a professional pool tour but Joe tears up the invitation. When Johnny finds out he leaves Joe.

He starts taking various jobs to make a living. At his girlfriend’s birthday party he meets her uncle Mike and helps him hustle his friends. Thanks to that, his girlfriend gets a job at a big-time lawyer firm. However, Joe isn’t idle. He has a new protégé and picks on Johnny’s friends. It all comes down to a last pool game that will keep you on your toes.

Owning Mahowny

Philip Seymour Hoffman gives a brilliant performance as Dan Mahowny. Dan is a regular bank employee to his girlfriend and clients but there’s a dark secret behind this façade. He’s a compulsive gambler that has been spending bank funds to fund his gambling habits. With Victor, a casino boss, as a bad influence, Dan’s debt becomes so big that it’s hard to hide and his life becomes chaos.


In its essence, Bookies is a movie about a group of geeks that want to make it big. Toby, Jude, and Casey are a bunch of students tired of making lousy bets with the mobsters and start a bookmaking operation on their own. As their operation becomes successful the mobsters learn about their competition and decide to do something about it.

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