Parquet Courts – Human Performance


Parquet Courts - Human Performance (Rough Trade) 2016


Raw, dramatic, ambitious, intense, complex, emotional, claustrophobic and yet melodically heavy. Recorded over the course of a year against a backdrop of personal instability, Human Performance is a cathartic experience, full of frantic energy in their most diverse and struggling effort ever. Tackling several issues, such as anxiety and physical or mental or social exhaustion, Human Performance lyrics are so easy to relate, everything seems so immediate and close, as if suddenly we are drawn into their world, where easily we are almost obligated to question our humanity. From Pavement’s classic esque to Wire meets Rancid’s punk insane fest, Parquet Courts are bringing college indie rock weirdness back and tackling some serious issues along the way. Exactly what we’ve waiting since 2013’s debut Light Up Gold, one of the best albums of this year, with high levels of addictedness and undeniable intoxicating.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Pavement, Wire, The Fall, Rancid
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