Petrol Girls – Talk Of Violence


Petrol Girls - Talk Of Violence (Bomber Music) 2016


Petrol Girls’ Talk of Violence is urgent, direct and important. Tackling issues from feminism to patriarchal rule to the European refugee crisis, the band uses a compelling voice and fast paced, unafraid nature to tell its story.

The record opens with a recording from a London Sisters Uncut demonstration in reaction to cuts to domestic violence services; from the very beginning, the group asserts their political stance and delivers a passionate promise to challenge the rules of modern society and government. Every song feels crucial to people disenfranchised by the world and is an unignorable call for change, whether Ren Aldridge is singing or screaming her powerful messages.

Not forsaking melody for meaning, the instrumentals lend a pop-punk, hardcore sound that keeps the tracks lighter and intriguing against the intensity of the vocals. Sometimes almost too soft compared to the subject matter, the contrast pushes Aldridge to the front so listeners cannot escape the purpose of her words as she warns on one track, “Touch me again and I will fucking kill you.” As long as there are issues that need confronting, Petrol Girls will be a strong presence in socially conscious, significant punk.

Words by Teddie Taylor
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