Pill – Convenience


Pill - Convenience (Mexican Summer) 2016


Convenience is Pill’s debut album. Expressive, intoxicating, visceral and, above all, exciting. Pill are here to get you out of your comfort zone, mess you up and they sound like nothing you have heard before. Aggressive and in your face, Convenience is damn sexy, ballzy and brightly detailed. Lyrically straightforward and politically sharp, Pill’s sound is like a roller coaster of noise with post-punk, perfectly blending free jazz and improvisation, where everything sounds cinematic, new and trashy. With Ben’s sax leading the path into chaos and Veronica’s incendiary vocal manifesto, the Brooklyn quartet show their incredible ability to capture a moment in time is artfully strong; emotionally, culturally and sonically. Full of tension and creative freedom, Convenience is perhaps one of the most weirdly awesome and empowering experience you might have this year. The perfect artist statement for this troubled times.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Sonic Youth, Priests, Naked City
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