Pinegrove – Cardinal


Pinegrove - Cardinal (Run For Cover Records) 2016


Indie rock evolves into 2016 as Pinegrove releases their latest record Cardinal. The New Jersey based group leads you through eight soft and emotional songs with simplistic guitar tracks and catchy lyrics. The vocal melody flows with an almost flawless touch as the music lies tightly under it. At certain points in the album, there are country-like guitar licks which add to the album’s diverse influences. Lyrically, each song carries you through different but related topics. Covering the topic of friendship in “Old Friends” vocalist Evan Stephan Hall sings “I should call my parents when I think of them / I should tell my friends when I love them.” which captures the central theme of the album better than anything else. Indie, pop, rock, country and everything in-between blend perfectly in this creative, unique album. I’m very excited to see how Pinegrove will follow-up this release.

Words by Justin Kunz
For Fans Of: Into It. Over It., Broken Social Scene
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