Planet B Share New Video “Come Bogeyman (feat. Martin Atkins)”

Planet B presents a video for new single “Come Bogeyman” featuring Martin Atkins, the legendary drummer and producer who played in Public Image Ltd., Killing Joke, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and Pigface. The single is taken from the San Diego duo’s self-titled debut album, incoming November 23rd on Ipecac Recordings.

About the Joana Lopes directed video, Justin Pearson explains: “The lyrics to Come Bogeyman are open for interpretation. But the root idea that I was heading towards was the lack of humanity we see in modern times, but from an inward prospective. I’m not here to complain or point the finger. The idea was that I was a mistake and wasn’t planned, therefore I was bound to be flawed. But there is also the idea of social, economic, and political environments that also direct or shift us in out time in this world. As for Martin’s contribution to the song, Luke actually took Martin’s drum tracks from an improv session that he and I did before Planet B was even a band, and wrote around it. Once the song started coming together, it certainly held the vibe and feeling got from Martin’s work that I grew up on, which seemed fitting and natural. Lastly, Joana Lopes who directed the video managed to show another spin on what I had tried to give to the song, showing the end of life, as a rebirth, where the main character leaves death and travels backwards. However, the character may have failed at the end of the video depending on how you look at it..

Watch the video below.

Planet B is the collaboration of Justin Pearson (member of The Locust, Retox, and Dead Cross, and founder of Three One G Records) and producer Luke Henshaw.

Photo credit: Becky DiGiglio
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