Planning For Burial – Below The House


Planning For Burial - Below The House (The Flenser) 2017


Planning For Burial, known for its universally personal lyrics and melancholic, forlorn droning, is extraordinary in its ability to convey the deepest thought with a guitar and effects; a solo effort, Thom Wasluck gives the instrument a voice equal to his own. Atypical from previous releases, Below The House veers from the gloom significantly on album opener “Whiskey and Wine” and ventures further still on “Warmth of You,” which is a veritable pop song. With black metal screeches, subdued ambience and the ever-present abysmal undertones, this is perhaps the most impressive Planning For Burial release yet. Below The House is able to reach heights and depths previously untouched by the Wasluck’s own prolific catalogue.

Words: Teddie Taylor
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