Power Trip – Nightmare Logic


Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord Records) 2017


Power Trip possess the ability to convert anyone to the thrash side. With their latest record, Nightmare Logic, they are faster, denser and more extreme than the unparalleled 2013 Manifest Decimation. Much like their fellow crossover brethren, Power Trip meld genres into a beast that is equal parts barking vocals and wailing guitars; the Texans have, though, wrangled their sound into an intensified version of itself this time around. Straddling the lines of hardcore punk and assaulting thrash metal, the allure of Power Trip is their ability to weave energy, groove, aggression and speed into something that is sheer, blissful insanity. Nightmare Logic is well worth the unavoidable tinnitus that ensues after listening at maximum volume.

Words: Teddie Taylor
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