Pulled Apart By Horses sign to Alcopop! Records & share video for new single “First World Problems”

Leeds-based rock quartet Pulled Apart By Horses have signed to Alcopop! Records and will release their long-awaited fifth studio album in Spring 2022, with further details to be revealed over the coming months.

As a first taste of the record, the band have shared the lead single “First World Problems“, which is released today via all good digital service providers, and is the first new material from the band since their 2019 standalone single “Is This Thing On?”. “First World Problems” is as lyrically relevant now as it was when it was written (pre-COVID) and is pretty much “what you hear is what you get“, as vocalist Tom Hudson explains it as, “a voiced frustration towards our groomed, individualist society, where the real world and our online world is full of constant venting of minor/trivial annoyances as if they are the centre of the universe, when really there are more pressing matters out there and a far bigger picture.”

Listen to “First World Problems” and watch the video for it below:

For the forthcoming new album, the band made a collective decision to create a set of songs that were minimal, simple, direct, and delivered with rawness and urgency. The biggest change in the band’s approach to date sees Hudson ditching his guitar and focusing solely on vocals.

Commenting on the new approach, Hudson says: “The fat was trimmed! We spent months playing the songs for the new album in our practice space and on a small ‘up close and personal’ UK tour to set them in stone. We headed to the Nave studio in Leeds off the back of that tour and captured the tracks live, tour tight and locked in!

Our musical tastes change monthly, never mind over the course of the years, so we are never going to be the kind of band who’d do the same album every time,” says Hudson of their evolution. “We’ve always been that band that are ‘too heavy for the indie kids, and too indie for the heavy kids’ in industry terms, but it’s quite cool that people don’t really know where to put us, because it means no-one can easily slap a genre name upon us. Now we have the freedom to just be who we are.

Photo credit: Mark Howe
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