Pup – The Dream Is Over


Pup - The Dream Is Over (SideOneDummy Records) 2016


Menacing noisy, raw and scrappy. The Dream Is Over is Pup’s sophomore effort, so get excited! But is the dream really over? Not really, but if you’re a singer and for some kind of stupidity a doctor diagnosed you with a vocal cyst and hemorrhaging (meaning your vocal chords were filling up with blood) and says literally your dream is over, it’s quite irresponsible, and that happened to Stefan Babcock. So, the dream is not over and Pup’s are back with ten new tracks (that means an album you fucking assholes). Dealing with disappointment and getting to that age where the big challenge is growing up is always fucking hard to do. The Dream Is Over is a confident feast of noisy anthems, it’s dangerously insane, but will please everyone of you, if not go to hell and fuck off!

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Desaparecidos, The Bronx, Weezer
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