Quicksand – Interiors


Quicksand - Interiors (Epitaph) 2017


Rock band Quicksand perfect the blistering beauty of chugging guitars and powerful vocals. The act, pulverise the norm, adding their unique slant, partaking in a reinvention that must stick, a reinvention of rock music. We need new bands to come through and create ground-breaking records, records which make us feel their wrath. And on this evidence, Quicksand may pat themselves on the back, as their record Interiors pulsates, blossoms and draws first place. It manages to create an eventful ride into extraordinary realms too, as those guitars grind away, as those vocals raise hairs. The songs which matter most are “Warm And Low” and “Sick Mind”. These contributions almost create a psychedelic input.

Words: Mark McConville
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